Friday, 23 September 2011

Mentri Besar confident Terengganu teams can qualify for quarter finals

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said is confident that both the state’s teams – Terengganu and T-Team – are capable of reaching the Malaysia Cup semi-finals.

While praising both teams for showing good performances, he voiced concern over the teams’ inconsistencies.

“I noticed that both teams were playing half-heartedly at times. I have already warned them to buck up but nothing seems to have changed,” he told newsmen yesterday.

Ahmad called on the coaches of both teams to crack the whip on their players, especially in training.

“The players must always be focused on the task at hand if they want to improve the standard of their game,” he said.

“As a fan, I wouldn’t mind them losing if luck is not on their side and as long as they fight until the very end.”

Ahmad also called on the coaches to crack down on those who perform below-par.

He said that some coaches even had the audacity to smile when their players are playing badly.

“These coaches are lucky that the management of teams in Malaysia give them multiple chances despite their teams playing poorly,” he said.

“If they were coaching overseas, they would have surely been sacked.”

Tomorrow, T-Team will be at home against Kuala Lumpur in their Group D match while Terengganu will face PKNS away in Group B.

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