Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Safee Sali hoping to play for Cardiff City

Malaysia striker Safee Sali, 27, leaves for home today with hopes that one day he will return as a player with Cardiff City.
After two weeks of trials with the Malaysian-owned team, Safee, dubbed the "Malaysian Beckham" by a Welsh newspaper, was full of enthusiasm.

Watching the Cardiff City versus Leicester City match on Sunday, Safee was a known figure among the Cardiff City crowd, mingling and signing autographs.

"I have really had a good experience here, one that is beneficial for my football career, and also one that will benefit the national team," he said.
"The training here is indeed more professional and there is much to learn from them; full concentration, speed and fast and decisive actions. Their standards are really high," he said.

"Football is a team game and I know what I bring back with me will benefit my team. This kind of opportunity is indeed very valuable and I hope many more will have the chance to train here and together, we can form a top team for the country."

It is the striker's hope that he would be able to play with the team but for now, he said it was up to Cardiff and their manager to evaluate his abilities.

And then there is the visa issue, which Safee could not comment much about as it all depended on whether he is selected by the club.

"I do hope to play for the club as I have done my best but it is up to the manager here and also the visa."

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