Friday, 28 October 2011

Terengganu fans unhappy over ticket allocations

Terengganu Supporters Club (Peteh) secretary Wan Mohd Azmi Wan Ngah said thousands of fans were deprived of a chance to watch their team take on Negri Sembilan in tomorrow's final at Shah Alam Stadium.

He said of the 30,000 tickets allocated to the Terengganu FA, at least 20,000 went to state assemblymen and members of parliament.

"We understand that each head of all 32 constituencies and eight parliamentary areas in the state was allowed to purchase at least 500 tickets in bulk. That amounts to at least 20,000 and since some of them bought more than 500 tickets, then the hardcore supporters who follow the team week in, week out, were left with just a few thousand," he said.

Wan Azmi said it did not come as a surprise to hear that all 30,000 tickets were sold out in less than three hours.

"What is sad is that some of the fans who came from outside Kuala Terengganu, queued up since dawn on Wednesday but had to walk way empty-handed. Those are the real fans who do not just need tickets for the final as they rarely miss Terengganu games, be it at home or away," he said.

Wan Azmi added that it hurts even more to hear that "black market" tickets were being sold at a much higher price. "The tickets sold in the state is priced at RM25 after Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said announced a state government subsidy of 50 per cent.

"After the ticket counters were closed, we heard that tickets were available at RM30, RM35 and as high as RM50," he said.

Wan Azmi said black market tickets were available because the tickets fell into the wrong hands, especially those who could not care less about Terengganu football.

"The lucky ones are provided with free tickets, transportation and accommodation to watch the final in Shah Alam.

"But not all ticket holders are true supporters and some of them are going just for the sake of shopping and sightseeing," he said.

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