Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kuala Lumpur to play Brazilian club in pre-season friendly

Malaysian football fans can look forward to a showcase of exquisite samba style football this week when the Kuala Lumpur Super League squad take on the Joga Limpo Brazilian team at the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium in Cheras this Saturday.

The Brazilians, brought in by Pingat Gemilang Sdn  Bhd,   are in town as part of an initiative to inject  some Samba flavour into the M-League, after  FAM's decision to allow Malaysian teams to hire  up  to two foreign players next season.

While some teams have already booked the services of  foreign players to boost their squads for the 2012 season, none have signed up Brazilians.

Pingat Gemilang Sdn  Bhd aims to change this as the  Malaysian company will also be the agent for seven Brazilian  players aiming to ply their trade in the region.

Seeking to secure contracts for these players in the  Malaysian Super League, Singapore League,  Indonesian League and other prominent leagues in the region,  Pingat Gemilang is confident this would be the beginning of  building Southeast Asian football to the next level.

"Brazilians have always been synonymous with beautiful  football, with world class players constantly produced from  the streets of cities such as Rio. We hope to be able to find the  next world class stars playing here in the M-League, for  instance," said Pingat Gemilang director, David Charles Leo.

The Joga  Limpo Brazil team set to face the Kuala Lumpur  Super League team on  Saturday Kuala Lumpur will be  filled with both current and former Brazilian football  stars which includes former Bayern Munich and Barcelona stars Paolo Sergio and Giovanni.

Kuala Lumpur vs Joga Limpo Brazil (Kuala Lumpur Foot ball Stadium, 8.45pm, Dec 3)

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