Thursday, 24 November 2011

Safiq Rahim not worried over work permit problems in United Kingdom

Malaysian team captain Safiq Rahim is undaunted by obstacles in obtaining a work permit to attend a trial with Cardiff City, United Kingdom starting Monday.

"If I am selected, I will leave all technical problems, including obtaining a work permit to the club's management. What is important, I will prove my worth," he told reporters before departing for Cardiff, Wednesday night.

Previously, national striker Safee Sali was stymied by the stringent work permit requirement when attended a trial at the same club as it would only be issued to players in world's top 70 football nations.

Safiq, 24, who spearheaded the national team in friendly matches against Arsenal and Liverpool, said the trial would be a very valuable experience for him and would put him in good stead in the national squad.

"I hope I can acclimatise with the club's rhythm quickly and get use to the weather," he added.
Safiq, who left for Cardiff on board Qatar Airways, will undergo a three-week trial at Cardiff City and return home on Dec 17 or 18.

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