Thursday, 2 February 2012

Safee Sali extends contract with Pelita Jaya for another 2 years

National  striker Safee Sali today renewed his contract with Indonesian Super League club Pelita Jaya FC for a two-year term starting today.

The two-year contract package worth RM2 million to Safee who was also installed as the team captain, included numerous other benefits like fixed match bonus, house, car, personal driver, taxes paid by the club, return tickets to Kuala Lumpur.

The new contract is worth double his one-year contract with the club which expired on Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012.

The announcement on the extension of Safee's contract was made by Pelita Jaya FC today in the presence of team general manager Iwan Budianto, team manager Lalu Mara and Safee.

Safee's manager Zakaria Rahim said Safee would also receive an additional 'image rights' package for commercial endorsements of products and opportunity to play with any clubs fully owned by the Pelita Jaya Cronus group.

Other Pelita Jaya Cronus fully owned clubs included Brisbane Roar FC in Australia, CS Vise in Belgium and SAD Uruguay in Uruguay.

Pelita Jaya also has close ties with several clubs globally such as five clubs in the Brazilian league, among which is renown Brazilian outfit Flamengo FC and several European clubs, including Ajax Amsterdam FC.

Pelita Jaya Cronus once owned English premier league club Leicester City FC, and despite having sold it, still had close ties with the management, he said.

Zakaria said Safee was also appointed ambassador for the Pelita Jaya Football School in Sawangan, West Jawa and a football academy owned by Pelita Jaya while his management was discussing a share in the academy for Safee.

"The academy has 600 students in Jakarta alone. It has branches in other districts in Indonesia.

The club is also prepared to help Safee to venture into business prospects in Jakarta when he ends his playing days," said Zakaria.

Zakaria said Safee had put in a great deal of thought before signing the new contract.

Other than Pelita Jaya, Safee also had offers from MuangThong FC and Buriram FC in Thailand and four teams from Malaysia.

Safee also received an offer from Cardiff City FC but turned it down as he had to undergo the process of playing with affiliated clubs to Cardiff City for at least a year.

Safee had offers to undergo tests with five German clubs but had to pass over the golden chance due to injuries and prioritizing the national team's preparation for the Pre World Cup 2011.

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