Friday, 16 March 2012

Kedah coach Wan Jamak unhappy with poor form of Ghana striker Hamidan

Kedah  coach Wan Jamak Wan Hassan has issued a stern warning to his Ghana import, Hamidan Mohammed, who has not lived up to expectations in the M-League.

Wan Jamak issued an ultimatum to Hamidan to prove his worth during their Super League match against Negeri Sembilan on Saturday or incur his wrath.

The former Johor, Negeri Sembilan and national coach said Hamidan has yet to find his footing  and establish himself as a player who came with credentials.

"I have given Hamidan a stern warning to buck and play the role of back-up striker effectively.

He has continuously failed to show a good performance. This is not the time for me to teach him how to score goals because if he came here as an import with a certain status, he should be able to show it," he said here today.

He added that the warning was not to add pressure on Hamidan but merely want the player to raise his game, reduce the mistakes and assist the Kedah team to win matches.

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