Monday, 31 October 2011

Negeri Sembilan wants to keep Malaysia Cup winning squad together

Negeri Sembilan Football Association (NSFA) president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has reminded his players to repel offers from other teams that may try to lure them with lucrative offers.

He issued the reminder following rumours that a number of Negeri Sembilan players whose contracts expire in November, have become the target of other teams who are prepared to offer better perks.

"I hope the players will not be attracted by unrealistic offers. I am not trying to stop them from leaving but I do not want them to be trapped by a similar situation that happened in the early 90s whereby players were offered high salaries and perks by some 'rich' teams.

"However, the teams later winded up their operation and some players were not paid their salaries for three to four months," he said here today.

Mohamad who is also the Menteri Besar said NSFA had never delayed the salary or incentives of players.

"Those who take up such offers must weigh such offers carefully because it is their career and future. It will be pointless to accept lucrative offers from teams that later cannot fulfill their obligation. We have heard many such cases in the past," he said.

However, when asked whether NSFA would increase the salary of players after their Malaysia Cup success, Mohamad said the FA has not made any decision yet.

"We are not going to rush into making a decision because we want players to play for the passion of the game and produce quality performances. If we continue to debate on salary increase there will be no end to the issue and football will be the loser in the end," he said.

As for coach Azraai Khor Abdullah, he said the former Kedah and national coach who took over from Wan Jamak Wan Hassan in March, still has a contract with NSFA and would be tasked to continue building a strong team.

He added that in line with the Football Association of Malaysia's decision to allow teams to sign import players, Negeri Sembilan would practice caution when signing these 'import players' next season.

Meanwhile, Azraai said his players would resume training on Wednesday after being given three days rest since beating Terengganu 2-1 to win the Malaysia Cup for the third time.

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