Sunday, 8 January 2012

Terengganu offended over remarks by FAM official

The Terengganu Football Association wants the Football Association of Malaysia's (FAM) Competition Committee Chairman Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin to apologise for his disparaging remark against the association over the registration of foreign players.

Terengganu FA President Datuk Che Mat Jusoh said although the association had received an apology from the FAM Secretary-General Datuk Azzudin Ahmad, the statement made by Hamidin had tarnished the image of the association.

"Being in authority in the FAM does not mean anyone can issue statements as they wish because it can tarnish the image of the association. He should speak as if he is perfect and others are not.

"Even if we are in the wrong, as the representative of the governing body he should be cautions and concerned and not issue such damaging statements.

"I urge him to apologise for his statement because what he meant was as if we did not go to school," he said referring to Hamidin's statement that the association failed to understand the meaning of a circular sent by FAM, dated Dec 23, with regard to the registration of foreign players.

Azzudin who had also issued a similar statement had apologised after realising that there were errors in the letter sent by FAM.

According to the circular, Kelantan were allowed to register a maximum of two foreign players for the domestic league while Terengganu were given until Jan 9 to do the same.

Based on the circular, Terengganu went ahead and signed up Liberian striker Francis Doe Forkey and Brazilian midfielder Erison Da Silva Santos on Tuesday but it turned out that there was a mistake in the circular and the stated Jan 9 deadline was for the AFC Cup registration for foreign players and not the M-League.

"We accept the apology because we do not want to on logger heads with the parent body. But due to their mistake it will cost us money because the two players will not be able to see action probably until March or April and we will have to bear keep paying their salaries," he said.

However, he hoped the problem could be solved amicably and in a win-win manner so that no party would lose out.

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