Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mahalli Jasuli wants Under-23 squad do well in Singapore league

Malaysian Under-23 defender Mahalli Jasuli wants his team-mates to maximise the opportunity given by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to play in Singapore's national league (S-League).

Mahalli, 22, from Selangor said since the S-League would also feature teams from Thailand, Cambodia and Australia, players must seize the opportunity to maximise their performance.

"It is an opportunity for young players like us to gain new exposure and experience," he told reporters during the launch of Euro 2012's official ball  'Tango 12' by Adidas, here today.

The squad under coach Ong Kim Swee will feature in the S-League while Singapore's Young Lions will play in the M-League.

The Under-23 squad, also known as Harimau Muda A, will start training on Monday before leaving to Australia on Dec 10 to play three friendly matches with clubs in Australia from Dec 10-22.

The friendly matches are part of the squad's preparations for the S-League and the three return leg 2012 Olympic qualifying matches against Syria, Bahrain and Japan in February.

Mahalli who had undergone training with Slovakian club, FC Vion for three months said he would ensure that what he had learned during the training stint in Slovakia was put to good use.

"The squad will remain in Kuala Lumpur and travel to Singapore whenever there are matches. It will not be a problem to me or the players since we have been travelling and playing matches abroad," he said.

As for players who have decided to join other teams in the M-League, especially Mohd Muslim Ahmad (Terengganu), K. Gurusamy (Selangor) and Mohd Zamir Selamat (Johor FC), Mahalli said their exit would provide an opportunity for players from the Harimau Muda B squad to be promoted.

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